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What to expect – the best team in the world!

Our guides don't just get you safely to your destination. Our helpers don't just transport luggage. Just like our clients, they are unique individuals on and off the bike. They're all passionate about their job, and of course they love cycling. And other things too, because they all have a job as well as their hobby – just like you.
At Epic Climbs we know how important your holiday is, and we do everything we can to make it an unforgettable trip.

A large, strong, committed, friendly, inspiring, motivating, professional team – the best team in the world!

Jan – The Boss

quäldich-Guide Jan Sahner

Founder and CEO of Epic Climbs and, as such, on a very special mission - with his inimitable style he motivates his flock to perform great deeds in the saddle. Sometimes does great things in the evening programme, too!

Tom – The Sous Chef

quäldich-Guide Tom Bender

After interludes in South Baden and Savoy, Swabian Tom is now based in the border area near Aachen. But from the Savoy Alps he's taken away a passion for real mountains and genuine tartiflette. In 2016 he became Holiday Manager at Epic Climbs and he's the mastermind behind our 2017 programme!

Tobias – King of the Ramps

quäldich-Guide Tobias Schneider

On the ramps and hills of Franconia, Tobsi holds the impressive form that usually ensures that you only see his tail lights, even in the fast group. Nonetheless, with his Fraconian good nature and empathy, he never leaves anyone behind if he sees they're fading.

Hagen – el guía jefe andaluz


Our guy from the Rhön now has his training base in: Granada and the Sierra Nevada. As our cultural attaché to Andalucia, he knows the tapas by their first name. Motivated and passionate. Devout believer in wearing white socks.

Rainer – The Leader

quäldich-Guide Rainer Hartmann

His training terrain is Franconian Switzerland with its notorious ramps, but he also enjoys the long climbs in the Alps. Always talking and almost never knackered. His one big weakness: pastries.

Torsten – Guide No. 1

quäldich-Guide Torsten Kähler

One of Epic Climbs' main men, with training grounds in the Münsterland and Austria. Often, to thunderous applause, voted the best and most understanding guide, because for him the sun shines longer and the mountains are flatter...

Jörg - The Flatlander

quäldich-Guide Joerg Lenz

Comes from the Münster area and earned his climbing spurs by riding all (!) the passes and summits in the Baumberge hills. But as his Epic Climbs name reveals, doesn't mind the less mountainous rides.

Michael – The Man from the Palatinate

quäldich-Guide Michael Haase

Loves everything about bikes and zoomed to us from the Palatinate. Loves the empty roads of the Vosges and France's Massif Central. Reels off as many miles as possible on our trips - like a train!

Jan – Owingen Jan

quäldich-Guide Jan Treiber

Having our favourite guide name, he was pre-destined to work for Epic Climbs. When he's not exploring the Dolomites, the Cevennen or somewhere in-between on his bike, you'll find him in his village on Lake Constance.

Robert – The World Record Holder


Robert is the strongest cyclist in the Epic Climbs squad. His trophy cabinet is packed - including two for winning the Race Across The Alps, and he's the current world record holder for most elevation gain in 24 hours. And just a quiet, feet-on-the-ground sort of guy. A rich addition to any Epic Climbs trip.

Peter – The Win-Winner

quäldich-Guide Peter Uthmann

Got the luck of the draw in Epic Climbs' 2012 travel survey. Peter came out of the hat first. So the Kid won a trip to Liguria to close the season, something which, as a student, he couldn't otherwise afford. A win-win situation, because he also had guide potential and was keen to do the job. He was quickly hired, of course, and now our team of guides and helpers wouldn't be the same without him.

Ricarda – The Newcomer


As a veteran of the Flensburg-Garmisch and Garmisch-Florence, Ricarda never missed an opportunity to swim in a lake. Now she's shaping up to be the Guide Discovery of 2017. How to recognise her: pink fingernails.

Erich – The Gunslinger


Erich did his greatest service for Epic Climbs back in 1980, when he began creating our fastest guide.
Famous as a top luggage driver on the Tour of Germany, and never slow to offer a strong opinion.

Paul – The Pilot

quäldich-Guide Paul Velten

A friendly, cheerful Dortmunder and a huge believer in the dolce vita. Totally devoted to looking after his flock and, once on the road, it's diesel to the top and jet fuel to the bottom.

Tobias – The Bolt

quäldich-Guide Tobias Heß

Tobias takes after his name - he's just about unstoppable on the flat or in the mountains. So we mostly use him as a guide to the fast group.

Sille – Sport Support

quäldich-Guide Sille Stefaniak

Our Sille loves following the group in the broom wagon, in first or second gear. She dishes out excellent sympathy to everyone that approaches her and her vehicle suffering from exhaustion or a crash. Her lunchtime buffets are legendary, and her sports massages save the day for many. Founder, boss and the good fairy of Sille's Sport Support.

Otto – King of the dolce vita

quäldich-Guide Otto Gehrlein

Leading the relaxed group, he takes the wind with stoic calm. A typically good-humoured Palatinate native with incredible endurance.

René – The GPS Guy

quäldich-Guide Rene Blind

René has been a fixture on the Tour of Germany for years. According to his application, he speaks fluent German, English, French and Cologne dialect. Masters his Garmin better than almost anyone.

Thomas – The Provisions Guy

quäldich-Guide Thomas Bonde

Being a real Dortmund lad and a Chamber of Commerce-certified beer ambassador, he might be waiting for you at the pass with a refreshing mountaintop beer. In 2016 Thomas made a successful début driving the support vehicle on a Pyrenean double feature, and he is always ready to hear what you want or need, and he'll do his best to get it for you.

Tom – The Fashion Consultant

quäldich-Guide Tom Mutter

A loyal South Baden local with matching colour schemes who spends almost every spare minute riding the roads of the Black Forest. The youngest guide in the team, he's always up for a mountaintop sprint...

Robby – The Berlin Mountain Man

quäldich-Guide Robert Wittkopp

Robby is a loyal Epic Climber of the first order and, when he passed his guiding debut on the Berlin-Vienna with flying colours, he had tasted blood. With his almost-original Berlin gob and his inimitable mechanic's skills, he's a top addition to any trip.

Peter – The Little Explorer

quäldich-Guide Peter Hefner


Tirelessly on the lookout for anything true and beautiful.

Julia – The Explorer

quäldich-Guide Julia Wiedemann

With us since 2013 - now nobody can take away her claim to be the «First female Epic Climbs guide». A particularly tough opponent in the mountains. Always on the lookout for some new lane to get away from the main roads.

Marcel – The Artist of the Slopes

quäldich-Guide Marcel F.

Marcel is Senior Editor at Epic Climbs and an artist on ascents, so you'll usually find him on the steep dirt trails of his native Hohenlohe or South Limburg in the Netherlands. He knows his way around the Ardennes like nobody.

Sergej – Mechanic No 1


Sergey has been our faithful mechanic since the 2012 Tour of Germany. Sergej's mood is always good, and he's known for his extras price list («You can just...»: 5 €) and never without a solution.

Denny – The Laid-Back One

quäldich-Guide Denny

A loyal client for several years, prefers to ride in the relaxed group. Finally hired as a guide for 2017. His stomping ground is the unforgiving Brandenburger Plain around Berlin.

Reini – The Eagle of the Roads

quäldich-Guide Reinhard

At home he «flies» over the Black Forest hills near Freiburg and enjoys a dip in any cold water. Also trains in the Vosges and the Jura. A terrific performer at evening meals!

Roberto – The Andalucian

quäldich-Guide Roberto Mestanza

A Spaniard from Upper Bavaria, for years one of our most loyal clients. Looking forward to the first trip he has organised, and to introducing you to the Andalucian landscapes and way of life.

Simon – The DJ

quäldich-Guide Simon

Simon benefits from the superb South Baden training environment and gets his impressive form from the long Black Forest climbs.

Volker – The Problem Solver


Volker has been an ever-present on the Epic Climbs Tour of Germany since 2010. This fire-fighter is at his best when he can fully exploit his talent for improvisation, whether by warming up groups of drenched cyclists with patio heaters, erecting a makeshift tent in the support vehicle, or ..... He guarantees smooth logistics and a great atmosphere on the team.

Tilmann – The Tea Drinker

quäldich-Guide Tilmann Böß

Drinks coffee too, not just tea, and enjoys long climbs, which unfortunately don't exist in the Vogelsberg area where he comes from. So he enjoys the Alps even more. In the French Alps he knows just about every peak by name, and often knows far more than the tour leader.

Stefan – der Transalperer


Sportive-Gruppe-Veteran mit beeindruckender Kilometerleistung und noch beeindruckenderem Renn-Palmarès. Fühlt sich in den Bergen zuhause und freut sich auf seine Guide-Premiere 2017

Uli – The Sommelier

quäldich-Guide Ulrich Klein

Uli's natural habitat, both at work and on the bike, is the slopes, especially wherever wine and culture flourish. As Epic Climbs' official sommelier, he's a great addition to any table, too.

Daniel – The Waterboy


Daniel has been a drinks support guy on our Tour of Germany since 2013, and now makes up a Diabolical Duo with Mechanic No 1. As a Berliner, it's a point of honour for him, of course, that he also does the drinks on our Berlin-Vienna trip.

Alex – the Local Hero

quäldich-Guide Alex Steiner

Alex was taken on board late in 2011 as an adviser for the Erz Mountains stage of the 2012 Tour of Germany. Before that had even taken place, the route for the 2013 Tour of the Ore was decided. Loyal to his local region, he knows the Ore Mountains better than almost anyone.

Torsten - The Coach

quäldich-Guide Torsten Günther

As Coach to a cycle racing team, Torsten spends many miles in the support vehicle. But anyone who thinks that this makes him a pushover on the bike will discover otherwise on a climb or into the wind.



Grand Tour-Veteran, und meist in der ersten Reihe eines Verbandes in perfekter Zweierreihe zu finden.

Martin – Pure Energy

quäldich-Guide Martin Richter

Johannes – The Sailor of the Alps

quäldich-Guide Johannes

Veteran touring cyclist who is at home on the mountain passes of the Alps. Incredibly tough, and prefers to take the wind at the front rather than suck rear wheel. His home and training base is South Baden.

Klaus – The Diesel

quäldich-Guide Klaus Beier

Came to Epic Climbs in 2009 after the first Tour of Germany, and has been a guide since 2010. You'll never get him worked up. After a brief, short-haired interlude he's got his neck-carpet back again.

Gerhard – der Wohnmobilradler

quäldich-Guide Gerhard Schaffer

... liebt es mit dem WoMo aus seiner Heimat im Salzburger Land zum Fuß hoher Pässe zu fahren um diese im entspannten Tempo zu erklimmen. Zuletzt geschah dies vermehrt im Westen der Alpen. Gerhard ist gefragter Windschattengeber und gab 2017 in den Vogesen sein Guide-Debut.

Peter – The Tri-Guy

quäldich-Guide Hillermann Peter

In triathlons, Peter's best discipline is the bike. Besides his local slopes in the Rhineland's Seven Hills area, he loves the Alps and the Sierra Nevada.

Jens – The Nature Lover

quäldich-Guide  Jens Heuer

Enjoys going to work at 6 in the morning in the winter almost as much as pedalling up and down mountains. Inspired by fellow flatlander Jörg and a massive Epic Climbs fan.

Klaus – The Saxon from Lago

quäldich-Guide Klaus Hoffmann

Since Klaus moved to Lago Maggiore for family reasons, he's been unstoppable on the bike. On his first Epic Climbs trip as a guide, he's definitely far more than a linguistic support for the team.

Oliver – The Lowrider

quäldich-Guide Oliver Nekola

Oliver likes riding tandems and recumbents, too, but on our trips he regularly demonstrates that he knows his way around a road bike, too. Unofficial world record holder in speed tyre changing; he puts his mechanical skills to good use as boss of

Gerold – The All-Rounder

quäldich-Guide Gerold Harder

Gerold's normally to be found somewhere on cross-country skis or hanging from a climbing rope. But when there's no snow around, his road and mountain bikes get the pleasure of breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Wolfram – The Fly Whisperer

quäldich-Guide Wolfram Lotze

Grew up in Hesse-Siberia, south-east of Kassel. But has lived happily in the Rhineland for 25 years. Motto: ride and let ride. He himself always rides with a little girl's gearing (the big chainring) on the flat stages. Enjoys long climbs, but not flies (which always bother him on the slopes in the summer).



Demonstrated beer guide skills as a member of the legendary group on the Flensburg-Garmisch, and was cast as a guide as a result. His usual training area is the Rhineland, but he knows his way around Andalucia too.

Tom – Cake-Face Tom

quäldich-Guide Thomas Brunner

With his sunny disposition and laid-back Upper Bavarian nature, he's not easily upset. 2016 Guide Discovery of the Year.

Gereon – The V12 Roadster

quäldich-Guide Gereon Baltes

Gereon loves the scenery and cuisine of his own, Mosel region near Trier. And he's trying to infect us with the same passion. Into tough workouts and the dolce vita. But he also enjoys riding in the Pyrenees and Provence.