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What to expect on the road on Epic Climbs trips

Challenging routes with fabulous scenery, planned by experts. Not competing, but together, yet with all the freedom that you want. But, as well as the cycling, we try to give you a flavour of the region you're riding through as we take in the bigger picture.
And after a full day on the bike you can look forward to a hearty evening meal. With typical local dishes where possible – something we feel is very important!

Challenging routes

Our routes are testing and, in line with our motto «It's all about the climbing!», mostly mountainous. Sometimes it can be steep too, but we make sure that it's ridable. You can ride at a decent pace uphill, too. Then, downhill and on the flat, the bunch will really be flowing, particularly on our Grand Tours. We also think it's important that you have plenty of chance to enjoy the scenery. Our trips are planned by people who know the area and they include both the prestigious, must-do passes and great tips about things that you'd miss out on if you were on your own.

Together on the road

On the flat stretches, we ride together in the group and benefit from drafting. Uphill you can ride at your own pace. With the different groups you will usually find a companion at your own level and who you can ride the ascents with. And of course you can have the occasional mountaintop sprint against your favourite rival – if you want. At the top comes the high-fiving, and of course everyone waits so that even the slowest person gets enough recovery time.
Nobody is hurried on the descents, either, and cautious descenders are guided down into the valley, too. The guide will bring up the rear on the descents.
If it turns out that the first group you choose isn't right for you, you can always switch to another group. Just have a word with your guide!
Moreover, we don't force you to ride in a group - if you let the guide, know you're welcome to do your own thing.

Good quality hotels and authentic evening meals

With Epic Climbs Travel you stay in good quality hotels. If we have a choice, we always go for the better quality hotel. However, we always put the route first, so on tours through less touristy areas we might also stay in a two-star hotel. With our single-base holidays we are more demanding. On those, you will normally be in a four-star hotel that we have chosen with great care.
If a holiday is to be successful, a substantial breakfast and good evening meal are at least as important as an impressive route. We are even more careful to prepare the hotels for what we need. We know that Epic Climbs groups are like a swarm of locusts! So we let the hotels know to ensure that you get enough calories inside you. We prefer good quality, regional dishes and we ensure that the hotels serve us their best evening meals. For vegetarians too, as we let them know in advance.

We take safety seriously

On all of our trips, your bike will be stored in a dry, locked room, preferably inside the hotel with no access from outside. We tell the hotels exactly what we want beforehand. And we avoid mentioning the names and addresses of any hotels in our holiday descriptions. Anonymity is security!
If at any time our precautions fail to justify your trust, we talk to the hotels about keeping your bike in the room in our Epic Climbs bike-bag.

Luggage transport and day packs

On our Classics, a luggage vehicle comes with us. You can normally take a holdall with approx. 15 kgs with you. Please ask if you want to bring significantly more. The first task for the luggage vehicle is to get the luggage to the destination hotel before the first group arrives. During the stage it usually waits at a pre-agreed point where you can take on water and access your pack. If it is available, in an emergency it can also be used as a broom wagon. You should not count on this option in your calculations, however. Please - only book a trip if you are confident that you can do it on the bike!
In the support vehicle we keep some basic tools and spares, including a few wheels.

Meals on the road

All meals are included on our Grand Tours We look after you well, with several stops for refreshments during the stage, including a substantial lunch. On our Classics and Short Breaks, meals on the road are not usually included in the price. However, we make sure that you don't go hungry at lunchtime. The arrangements can differ a little, depending on the region, group and team preference. Sometimes you go to a bar or restaurant during the stage, but sometimes a bakery is good enough. We have a solution for every stage. Alternatively, our support team can also buy something for you and hand it out from the support vehicle. In such cases our helpers then collect some money. We have used both options many times with no problem.