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Active holidays at your level: relaxed, steady, hard!

Challenging routes ...

...through gorgeous scenery

With Epic Climbs you'll always take the quietest and most scenic routes. The routes are usually taxing, the profile mountainous. Our Classics average 120 kms and 2500 metres elevation gain per stage, while our Grand Tours can be bigger. But with three speed groups you can go at your own pace!

What to expect: overview!

The right group...

...relaxed, steady, hard

We have the entire day to do it, and having three groups (relaxed, steady, hard) we can offer the same trip for any level of fitness.
Our promise: with Epic Climbs every trip goes ahead, and with 20 cyclists or more in 3 speed groups.

What to expect: our groups!

Experienced guides...

...who see the bigger picture

Our guides don't just get you safely to your destination. Just like our clients, they are unique individuals on and off the bike. Of course, they all love cycling. But they have other interests.
At Epic Climbs we know how important your holiday is, and we do everything we can to make it an unforgettable experience.

What to expect: our guides

What our clients say

Relaxed group

Simone from Darmstadt

«Epic Climbs trips are brilliant! You get to know new regions and countries, with nice people who enjoy the same hobby. Everyone finds the right group going at the right speed – in my case, that's the relaxed group. Plus, the food is healthy and the accommodation along the route is ideal. It's hard to beat the group atmosphere on the Tours of Germany, so I keep going back to them!»

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Steady group

Kai from Lübeck

«I've stayed with Epic Climbs since my first trip with them. The blend of interesting route planning done by «locals» based on the motto «It's all about the climbing!», plus that experience of the bunch flowing, have made me a repeat offender. Not to mention the choice of 3 groups. For me, the steady group offers the ideal blend of hard work and pleasure. Keep it up!»

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Hard group

Matti from Erlangen

«For me, Epic Climbs trips are often the highlight of the cycling season. I find that the contrast with sportives is particularly enjoyable: it's «us and we» rather than all elbows. The sense of togetherness is particularly impressive in the group you're riding in. I feel at home in the hard group because, despite the high speed, everyone is focused on getting the job done. I can totally rely on the group, I feel safe and love how the bunch flows.»

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What to expect on our trips?

Epic Climbs group at the Zugspitze.
Epic Climbs group at the Zugspitze, Garmisch-Florence Grand Tour 2016.

A strong community of cyclists

Cyclists and guides: the guaranteed optimum mix with Epic Climbs!

With Epic Climbs you meet like-minded people. That applies to both the guides and your fellow cyclists. The combination always works, and the atmosphere on Epic Climbs trips has a great reputation. Find out for yourself!

Still sceptical? On our Short Breaks you can find out for yourself without gambling too much of your valuable holiday time. You'll love it!

Epic Climbs trips: what to expect