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Saisonfinale im Schwarzwald (Wolfach) vom 4.-6.10.

– 4/10-6/10/2013

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The Guides

Jan – The Boss

quäldich-Guide Sahner Jan

Founder and CEO of Epic Climbs and, as such, on a very special mission - with his inimitable style he motivates his flock to perform great deeds in the saddle. Sometimes does great things in the evening programme, too!

Lukas - Falco pellegrino

quäldich-Guide Lukas Kamber

His knowledge of Liguria's roads must be better than many locals, despite the fact that the bike is the only thing Italian about him. He lives in Liguria, his second home, for several weeks each year.

Tobias – King of the Ramps

quäldich-Guide Tobias Schneider

On the ramps and hills of Franconia, Tobsi holds the impressive form that usually ensures that you only see his tail lights, even in the fast group. Nonetheless, with his Fraconian good nature and empathy, he never leaves anyone behind if he sees they're fading.

Michael – The Man from the Palatinate

quäldich-Guide Michael Haase

Loves everything about bikes and zoomed to us from the Palatinate. Loves the empty roads of the Vosges and France's Massif Central. Reels off as many miles as possible on our trips - like a train!

Lutz - The Leader

quäldich-Guide  Lutz

Started cycling in 2009 and began his guide career in 2010 with a «Liguria Triplo». Since then he's added various other guide weeks, mostly in Italy but also in other cycling areas.

Getting there

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 4/10-6/10/2013

  • Wochentag, X. Monat 1900
    Individuelle Anreise nach Testhausen. Abendessen um 20 Uhr im Hotel.
  • Wochentag, Y. Monat 1900, 9 Uhr
    Start zur ersten Etappe
  • Wochentag, Z. Monat 1900, ca ?? Uhr
    Ankunft nach der Letzten Etappe. Duschmöglichkeit im Hotel, individuelle Abreise.

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