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– 26/07-28/07/2013


The Guides

Günni – The Bed Man

quäldich-Guide Günter Eckert

Even though, for Günni, the road bike season is just an annoying interference with the winter, his group is usually loud and jolly. One of his tasks as Bed Man is to ensure that the hotel bars also have enough wheat beer in.

Tobias – King of the Ramps

quäldich-Guide Tobias Schneider

On the ramps and hills of Franconia, Tobsi holds the impressive form that usually ensures that you only see his tail lights, even in the fast group. Nonetheless, with his Fraconian good nature and empathy, he never leaves anyone behind if he sees they're fading.

Stefan – The Sandals

quäldich-Guide Stefan Fäth

Since the first Tour of Germany he has enriched the groups he rides in with his incorruptible GPS skills. Sandal technology always leaves him well ventilated.

Mathies – The Skateboarder

quäldich-Guide Mathies Breithaupt

Having worked through the Tracks and Roadbooks for the Tour of Germany a couple of dozen times, Mathies is now very keen to get to know those same roads from the bike.

Sille – Sport Support

quäldich-Guide Sille Stefaniak

Our Sille loves following the group in the broom wagon, in first or second gear. She dishes out excellent sympathy to everyone that approaches her and her vehicle suffering from exhaustion or a crash. Her lunchtime buffets are legendary, and her sports massages save the day for many. Founder, boss and the good fairy of Sille's Sport Support.

Getting there

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 26/07-28/07/2013

  • Wochentag, X. Monat 1900
    Individuelle Anreise nach Testhausen. Abendessen um 20 Uhr im Hotel.
  • Wochentag, Y. Monat 1900, 9 Uhr
    Start zur ersten Etappe
  • Wochentag, Z. Monat 1900, ca ?? Uhr
    Ankunft nach der Letzten Etappe. Duschmöglichkeit im Hotel, individuelle Abreise.


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