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Ötztal and Bergamo Alpine Giro

701 km / 16800 EG

IMG 1445.

10 passes cycled

Stilfser Joch, Timmelsjoch, Jaufenpass, Kühtaisattel, Passo di Gavia, Brenner, Gampenpass, Passo Campo Carlo Magno, Goletto di Cadino, Passo del Vivione

Complete Route

Individual Routes

Sunday, 8.07.2018, E1: To the South Tyrol
110,4 km
2494 EG
Alpengiro 2018 E1 small 003.

Alpengiro 2018 E2 small 002.

Alpengiro 2018 E3 small 005.

Alpengiro 2018 E4 small 003.

IMG 1445.

Alpengiro 2018 E6 small 001.

Saturday, 14.07.2018, E7: Kühtai to finish off
99,7 km
1474 EG
Alpengiro 2018 E7 small 001.