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This holiday is in the past. The next edition of the Pyrenäen-Geheimtipps will take place on from 24th to 31st August 2019.

Hidden Pyrenean Gems

Classics and hidden gems in Spain and France – 25/08-1/09/2018

The Pyrenees are, of course, a dream destination for every cyclist. Who hasn’t sat on the edge of their seat as the contenders battle for the yellow jersey on the Tourmalet and the Aubisque. But the Pyrenees have so much more to offer than Tour de France anecdotes. This trip is dedicated to sniffing out the unfamiliar, the unspoiled, the extremely tranquil Pyrenees. Those neglected passes on both sides of the mountains which have never witnessed a Tour publicity caravan and which, possibly due to that very fact, have retained their own unique character.

In other words, the hidden gems. Has anyone every heard of the picturesque Alto de Fanlo or the glorious Col de la Pierre Saint Martin? We have wrapped up a package for you that will show you a completely unfamiliar side of the Pyrenees - between Ariège and the Basque Country. But we can't leave out the Tourmalet or the Aubisque, of course. Anyone still prefer the Alps?

A journey of discovery in the Pyrenees.

The trip can be combined with our Pyrenean Classics holiday!


The Guides

Uli – The Sommelier

quäldich-Guide Ulrich Klein

Uli's natural habitat, both at work and on the bike, is the slopes, especially wherever wine and culture flourish. As Epic Climbs' official sommelier, he's a great addition to any table, too.

Roberto – The Andalucian

quäldich-Guide Roberto Mestanza

A Spaniard from Upper Bavaria, for years one of our most loyal clients. Looking forward to the first trip he has organised, and to introducing you to the Andalucian landscapes and way of life.

Paul – The Pilot

quäldich-Guide Paul Velten

A friendly, cheerful Dortmunder and a huge believer in the dolce vita. Totally devoted to looking after his flock and, once on the road, it's diesel to the top and jet fuel to the bottom.

Thomas – The Provisions Guy

quäldich-Guide Thomas Bonde

Being a real Dortmund lad and a Chamber of Commerce-certified beer ambassador, he might be waiting for you at the pass with a refreshing mountaintop beer. In 2016 Thomas made a successful début driving the support vehicle on a Pyrenean double feature, and he is always ready to hear what you want or need, and he'll do his best to get it for you.

Getting there

Our initial hotel is located in the centre of Lourdes.

Cars can be left in a public car park near the hotel for the week.

From Germany via Freiburg - Mulhouse - Lyons - Montpellier - Toulouse on France's A64 to the Tarbes-Ouest exit, then the N21 to Lourdes.

From southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and via Zurich - Geneva - Valence - Montpellier - Toulouse on France’s A64.
From Austria another good idea could be to go Villach - Venice - Nice or Brenner - Verona - Nice.

The car journey is a long way, so we advise you to stop overnight en route. The return journey, after a strenuous week on the bike, might be particularly challenging!

We recommend you use our internal forum to organise car-sharing.

The nearest airports are Tarbes-Lourdes and Pau (no direct flights from Germany from either) and Toulouse (direct flight possible). From Toulouse Airport, take the Airport shuttle to Toulouse-Matabiau station and then take a regional train to Lourdes.

Going by train from Germany is a very long journey, but in principle possible by TGV via Paris. The station to aim for is Lourdes.

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 25/08-1/09/2018

  • Saturday, 25th August 2018
    Travel to Lourdes. Evening meal together in the hotel at 8pm.
  • Sunday, 26th August 2018
    Start of Stage One (Lourdes - Saint-Lary-Soulan) at 9am.
  • Monday, 27th August 2018
    Stage Two Saint-Lary-Soulan - Biescas
  • Tuesday, 28th August 2018
    Stage Three Biescas - Isaba
  • Wednesday, 29th August 2018
    Stage Four, loop from Isaba
  • Thursday, 30th August 2018
    Stage Five Isaba - Oloron
  • Friday, 31st August 2018
    Stage Six Oloron - Aucun
  • Saturday, 1st September2018
    Stage Seven Aucun - Lourdes. Arrive there between 1pm and 3pm. Then depart (or stay another night).

Client Reviews

Torsten aus Riggisberg

Relaxed group

„Seit einigen Jahren bin ich regelmäßig mit quä „entspannt“ unterwegs. Mir gefallen vor allem die Klassikerreisen in überschaubarer Gruppengröße. Am Liebsten fahre ich ständig bergauf und -ab, ohne lange Flachpassagen und das Ganze auf möglichst einsamen Straßen in grandioser Landschaft. Alles das haben die Pyrenäen-Geheimtipps zu bieten. Ich hatte das Glück, 2016 bei der Erstaustragung dabei zu sein. Eine Reise, die man nie vergisst: ein super Team, tolle Leute und eine erstklassige Streckenplanung. Mein Traum wäre es noch einmal, die „Geheimtipps“ und die „Pyrenäen-Klassiker“ nacheinander zu fahren. Diese Reisen haben definitiv Suchtpotenzial.”

Prefer relaxed riding? More on this...

Paul aus Berlin

Hard group

„WOW! WOW! WOW! Was für eine Reise! Meine erste Reise mit quäldich und gleich so ein unendlicher Spaß: gefühlt stundenlang fahren ohne einem Auto zu begegnen, mit knapp 100 km/h runter nach Spanien, den Tourmalet hoch und die Wolken lösen sich auf in Sonnenschein, der Basken-Hammer mit 150 magischen Kilometern und fast 4000 satt-grünen Höhenmetern nur auf kleinen Sträßchen; Schluchten, an denen man sonst einfach vorbeigefahren wäre, zwischendurch in kleinen, klaren Gumpen am Strassenrand baden und Sonne, Sonne, Sonne!

Beeindruckt war ich vor allem von der Auswahl der Strecken. Neben den Pässen, die man wohl gefahren haben muss, wenn man in die Pyrenäen reist, verlief die Strecke deer Geheimtipps meistens entlang kleiner, auch auf großmaßstäblichen Karten kaum auffindbaren, Straßen – absolute Entspannung und Ruhe für einen Städter wie mich. Nicht weniger beeindruckend das tolle Zusammenspiel des Teams (mit dem Chef persönlich)   alle unglaublich professionell, nett und hilfsbereit.”

Prefer riding hard? More on this...

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