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Tour of Corsica

816 km / 14300 EG


14 passes cycled

Col de Bavella, Col de Vergio, Col de Sorba, Gorges de la Restonica, Col de Lava, Col de Teghime, Col de Bigorno, Col de Bacinu, Col de St. Eustache, Col de St. Agostino, ...

Complete Route

Individual Routes

Sunday, 9.09.2018, E1: Around Cap Corse
131,3 km
1610 EG

Monday, 10.09.2018, E2: Into the rugged interior
107,6 km
2516 EG

Tuesday, 11.09.2018, E3: Spelunca and Calanches
135,0 km
1961 EG

Wednesday, 12.09.2018, E4: From coast to coast
130,3 km
2426 EG

Thursday, 13.09.2018, E5: The peaceful south-east
83,4 km
1417 EG

Friday, 14.09.2018, E6: Amazing Restonica
115,6 km
2668 EG