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Tour of Corsica

Around the island by bike – 9/09-15/09/2018

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Ile de beauté - the island of beauty, as Corsica is also known. Corsica is almost a mountain range towering out of the Mediterranean Sea, with a high point of 2700 m. So it's not surprising that there's a pass or two to beckon us cyclists. Solitary roads high in the mountains, coastal roads snaking around enchanting bays, an untamed, rugged country and a unique culture.

We round off the 2018 summer season on Corsica with a week-long circuit from and to Bastia in the north of the island - easy to reach by air or ferry from the mainland. Mandatory cycling objectives include riding round Cap Corse, over the high passes such as the Vergio and the Bavella, the remarkable Gorges de la Restonica, and the world-famous red rock formations at Calanches on the west coast.

Visit the Island of Beauty.


The Guides

Tom – The Sous Chef

quäldich-Guide Tom Bender

After interludes in South Baden and Savoy, Swabian Tom is now based in the border area near Aachen. But from the Savoy Alps he's taken away a passion for real mountains and genuine tartiflette. In 2016 he became Holiday Manager at Epic Climbs and he's the mastermind behind our 2017 programme!

Andreas – der Trainer

quäldich-Guide Andreas  Mager

Mit über 20-jähriger Trainer-Erfahrung, Hochleistungssport und Sportausbildung ist das Urteil eigentlich klar: überqualifiziert! Da man ihm nachsagt, auch in den entlegensten Ecken noch die urigsten Lokale zu finden, passt er voll und ganz in quäldich-Team.

Denny – The Laid-Back One

quäldich-Guide Denny

A loyal client for several years, prefers to ride in the relaxed group. Finally hired as a guide for 2017. His stomping ground is the unforgiving Brandenburger Plain around Berlin.

Robby – The Berlin Mountain Man

quäldich-Guide Robert Wittkopp

Robby is a loyal Epic Climber of the first order and, when he passed his guiding debut on the Berlin-Vienna with flying colours, he had tasted blood. With his almost-original Berlin gob and his inimitable mechanic's skills, he's a top addition to any trip.

Sille – Sport Support

quäldich-Guide Sille Stefaniak

Our Sille loves following the group in the broom wagon, in first or second gear. She dishes out excellent sympathy to everyone that approaches her and her vehicle suffering from exhaustion or a crash. Her lunchtime buffets are legendary, and her sports massages save the day for many. Founder, boss and the good fairy of Sille's Sport Support.

Getting there

The Tour of Corsica starts and finishes in Bastia, the port town in the north of the island. Our hotel is very close to the ferry port. In our package, the accommodation in Bastia is very consciously offered as just an option, in case you prefer to travel overnight on the ferry from one of the Italian or French Mediterranean ports.

We can organize a rental bike for you.

Going by car only makes sense if you drive to one of the Mediterranean ports (e.g. Genoa, Savona, Nice, Toulon) and catch a ferry to Bastia.

Parking (paid) is available near the hotel.

Eurowings fly directly to Bastia from several airports in Germany (e.g. Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart). There are also direct flights from Vienna and Zurich.

Easyjet also fly from Basel-Freiburg and Geneva to Bastia.

It you were to take a train you would need to take a ferry to Bastia.

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 9/09-15/09/2018

  • Saturday, 8th September 2018
    Travel to Bastia. Optional preceding night in the hotel.
  • Sunday, 9th September 2018
    Start of Stage One (tour from Bastia) at 9am. The overnight ferries arrive at the port at about 7am, and luggage can be left at the hotel.
  • Monday, 10th September 2018
    Stage Two Bastia - Calacuccia
  • Tuesday, 11th September 2018
    Stage Three Calacuccia - Ajaccio
  • Wednesday, 12th September 2018
    Stage Four Ajaccio - Porto Vecchio

  • Thursday, 13th September 2018
    Stage Five Porto Vecchio - Solenzara
  • Friday, 14th September 2018
    Stage Six Solenzara - Corte
  • Saturday, 15th September 2018
    Stage Seven Corte - Bastia. Arrive there between 1pm and 3pm. Then depart (or stay another night).

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