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What to expect on Epic Climbs trips

Challenging routes, the right group, experienced guides and the best team in the world! These are the main ingredients for the cycling holiday of your dreams. We understand how valuable those few days are that you have to devote to the hobby you love. We'll make sure they're a success.

The right group

What's your riding style? Relaxed, steady or hard? With us, you'll find the group that best suits your style. That's why we can offer everyone an unforgettable holiday, from the easy-going hobbyist to the semi-pro cycling nut. All on the same holiday!
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What to expect: our groups!

Grand Tours, Classics, Short Breaks

What's your plan? To get away from things for a short while, and do as much cycling as possible while using up minimum holiday. That's the idea behind our Epic Climbs Short Breaks.
To leave your worries behind you for a whole week, and do the epic climbs in the Pyrenees, the Alps and elsewhere in Europe? That's what you do on our Epic Climbs Classics.
Or experience the whole cycling circus with more riders, even better service and plenty of flow in the bunch? That's the idea behind our Grand Tours!
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What to expect: our holiday formats!

What to expect on the road

By day you'll ride challenging routes with fabulous scenery, planned by experts. Not competing, but together, yet with all the freedom that you want. But, as well as the cycling, we try to give you a flavour of the region you're riding through as we take in the bigger picture.

And after a full day on the bike you can look forward to a hearty evening meal. With typical local dishes where possible – something we feel is very important!
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What to expect on the road

Our Cyclists

With Epic Climbs you meet like-minded people. That applies to both the guides and your fellow cyclists. The combination always works, and the atmosphere on Epic Climbs trips has a great reputation. Give it a try. Our Short Breaks are ideal for getting a taster!
What our clients say:

Hans aus Brügge

Relaxed group

„Erst seit 2 Jahren richtig auf dem Rad unterwegs? Alter fast 65? Noch nie eine Höhe bewältigt, die über Deichhöhe in Schleswig-Holstein liegt? Das Ziel der Vätternseerundfahrt fest im Blick! Kein Problem, so Tom von, Du schaffst unser Programm. Und so war es. Großartige Ausfahrten, atemberaubende Pässe, eine tolle Gruppe, die mich sehr freundlich aufnahm und integrierte.”

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Torsten aus Aschefel (DE)

Steady group

„Wenn man schon Montag nicht mehr weiß welcher Tag es ist, dann deutet das auf Intensität hin. Wenn man zwei Wochen danach die Murmel noch nicht wieder im normalen Betriebsmodus hat, stets abgelenkt und unkonzentriert ist und immer wieder mit einem Grinsen rumrennt, dann ist der Chef zwar nicht glücklich, aber das sagt dann wohl alles.

Das „beste Team der Welt“ von hat mir bei Flensburg-Garmisch sehr emotionale Lebensmomente ermöglicht. Groß! – Danke! ”

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Christian aus Köln

Hard group

„Tolle Umgebung, großartige Guides, lustige Mitfahrer und natürlich der Mont Ventoux mit seinen 20 nicht enden wollenden Kilometern zum Gipfel. Alles TOP! Eine perfekte Woche, von der ich bis heute zehre. Danke an Tom, Tom und Johannes!”

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Our Team

Our guides don't just get you safely to your destination. Our helpers don't just transport luggage. Come with us and make the most of our large, strong, committed, friendly, inspiring, motivating, professional team – the best team in the world!
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What to expect: our team!