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*Diese Reiseite für das Jahr 2018 ist derzeit im Aufbau. Nach und nach werden alle Informationen, Texte und Bilder befüllt.

May Training Weekend in the Vosges

Passes and savoir vivre in Alsace – 10/05-13/05/2018

*Diese quäldich-Reise kannst du voraussichtlich ab dem 01/10/ buchen!
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Our short break in the Vosges has become a tradition: 2017 will be the fourth time that we've met up in Wintzfelden in Alsace, to enjoy four great days in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere far from the madding crowd. Ballons and cols – the Vosges offers striking mountains, long climbs, breathtaking views and untamed low mountain scenery. For this edition we've slightly changed the routes again, so that even repeat participants can explore something new. 

Unchanged, of course, is our charming hotel in tranquil surroundings and the varied Vosges scenery. These guarantee us good physical challenges and plenty of chance to enjoy typical Alsatian savoir vivre.

Your May Bank Holiday weekend with Epic Climbs

Due to the demand in 2017 we're organising two weekends: the same short break will be hosted at June Bank Holiday (15.6. - 18.6. 2017).


The Guides

Tom – The Sous Chef

quäldich-Guide Tom Bender

After interludes in South Baden and Savoy, Swabian Tom is now based in the border area near Aachen. But from the Savoy Alps he's taken away a passion for real mountains and genuine tartiflette. In 2016 he became Holiday Manager at Epic Climbs and he's the mastermind behind our 2017 programme!

Getting there


1h15 from Freiburg

2.5h from Stuttgart 

2.5h from Mannheim

From Germany and Austria take the A5 to Offenburg, then head towards Strasbourg and take France's A35 (toll-free) to the Rouffach exit. Via Rouffach and Soultzmatt to Wintzfelden.

From Switzerland also via Basel - Mulhouse on France's A35.

We recommend you use our internal forum to organise car-sharing.

Der nächstgelegene Bahnhof ist Rouffach, das an der Regionalzugstrecke Strasbourg - Colmar - Mulhouse liegt. Strasbourg erreicht man aus Deutschland über Offenburg, Mulhouse über Basel.

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 10/05-13/05/2018

  • Thursday, 25th May 2017, 1pm
    First stage begins
  • Friday, 26th May and Saturday, 27th May, 9pm

            The rides begin

  • Sunday, 28th May 2017, approx. 1pm
    Arrive after the last stage. Showers available in the hotel, departure.

*voraussichtlich buchbar ab 01/10/
*Auf die Interessentenliste

Find out more about the route and the stages