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Palatinate Season Opener (Rhodt)

Open the 2017 Cycling Season in a Group – 21/04-23/04/2017

In 2017 Epic Climbs' Season Opener is being held in the Palatinate or, to be more precise, on the German Wine Route. Our ****-hotel is in a wonderful location above Rhodt, very close to the summer residence of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. Here, after the tour, we can spoil ourselves in both the spa area and the restaurant.

But the Palatinate offers more than Riesling and sow's stomach (“Saumagen”): our tours uncover the lush, lively Rhenish Palatinate and the sparsely populated Palatinate Forest; endearing wine areas, secluded valleys, farming landscapes, towns on red sandstone cliffs, idyllic wetlands, vineyards and more. Man-made landscapes which are constantly changing and revealing new facets. The Palatinate has not yet been discovered as a quality cycling training area. But apart from alpine climbs it offers everything that makes our sport so unique and us cyclists fatigued and happy. We've lined all the gems up for you, so now it's up to you!

Come and join us in the Palatinate!


The Guides

Peter – The Little Explorer

quäldich-Guide Peter Hefner


Tirelessly on the lookout for anything true and beautiful.

Tom – The Sous Chef

quäldich-Guide Tom Bender

After interludes in South Baden and Savoy, Swabian Tom is now based in the border area near Aachen. But from the Savoy Alps he's taken away a passion for real mountains and genuine tartiflette. In 2016 he became Holiday Manager at Epic Climbs and he's the mastermind behind our 2017 programme!

Simon – The DJ

quäldich-Guide Simon

Simon benefits from the superb South Baden training environment and gets his impressive form from the long Black Forest climbs.

Getting there

Our hotel is located amongst the vineyards close to Rhodt unter Rietburg.

Via Ludwigshafen or Karlsruhe take the A65 to the Edenkoben exit. From there it's around 5 kms to Rhodt.

The nearest airports are Karlsruhe-Baden and Frankfurt.

The nearest station is Edesheim (Pfalz), around 5 kms from the hotel, which has trains arriving every hour from Karlsruhe or Neustadt/Weinstraße.

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 21/04-23/04/2017

  • Friday, 21st April 2017
    Travel to Rhodt. Start of long ride at 10.30am. Start of short ride at 1pm. Evening meal at 7pm.
  • Saturday, 22nd April 2017
    Second ride through the Palatinate Forest and along the Wine Route.
  • Sunday, 23rd April 2017
    Third ride through southern Palatinate and Alsace. Arrive at the hotel between 1pm and 3pm. Departure.

Find out more about the route and the stages