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Ore Mountains and Saxon Switzerland All-Inclusive

Epic ascents in Saxony and Bohemia – 15/08-19/08/2018

In Dresden – “Florence on the Elbe”... one of Germany's most beautiful cities, and outside the Frauenkirche itself, we start our tour of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland and the Ore Mountains, which will be studded with mountains and cultural and scenic high points.

Over five stages we shall explore everything worth exploring between Germany and the Czech Republic. The Elbe castles, the Hoher Schneeberg, the Mückentürmchen, Langewiese and the hill in Holzhau, where Robert Petzold broke the 24h elevation gain world record in July 2016. Robert will no doubt tell you about this himself in the evenings, as he's one of our tour guides.

There are too many highlights and epic ascents to list here, but we should mention that the tour ends with the Tellerhäuser ascent of the Fichtelberg, the highest point in eastern Germany. After eating together for the last time we'll shuttle you and your bike back to where we started in Dresden.

An epic tour between Germany and the Czech Republic!


The Guides

Getting there

Dresden is very well connected by the autobahn and rail networks.

Journey times to Dresden by car:

Journey times to Dresden by train:

  • Berlin-Lichtenberg about 3:15 hours (you can arrive at about 9.10am on 2.8.2017)
  • Hamburg about 4:10 hours (direct IC)
  • Frankfurt about 4:20 hours (ICE). Night train possible.
  • Nuremberg about 4:30 hours (Regional train)
  • Munich about 5:45 hours (ICE)
  • Cologne about 5:45 hours (ICE) or night train via Frankfurt

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 15/08-19/08/2018

  • Tuesday, 1st August 2017
    Those who have booked the additional night beforehand (incl. breakfast) travel independently to Dresden..
  • Tuesday, 2nd August 2017
    Travel to Dresden. Start of first stage at 10am.
  • Thursday, 3rd August to Sunday, 6th August 2017, about 9am
    Start stages two to five
  • Sunday, 6th August 2017, about 2pm
    Arrive in Fichtelberg after the final stage. Final meal. Transport back to Dresden (you and bike). We use an experienced partner to ensure your bike is transported safely.
  • Sunday, 6th August 2017, about 7pm
    Arrive in Dresden. Travel home independently. Optional additional night to Monday, 7th August.

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