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Allgäu Royal Rides Weekend (Füssen)

Your break in the Alps – 29/04-1/05/2017

Long ago, King Ludwig II saw the merits of the placid Allgäu countryside in the Füssen area, so he built his world-famous castles with these stunning mountain backdrops. Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof and Hohenschwangau are highly popular with visitors to the area. This wonderful landscape is a winner with road cyclists, too, providing the attractions that you, as a biker, love. Climbs both gentle and tough, tranquil roads with picturesque scenery and views way off into the surrounding distance, e.g. from Ussenburg on the Forggensee and the mountains beyond.

In spring 2017, when Mother Nature is beginning to clothe herself in green, we shall experience the Allgäu from its attractive side. We shall show you the beautiful side of the area, including rides into the Pfaffenwinkel with its popular ascents of the Hohenpeißenberg and the Auerberg, a pleasant spin to the Pilgrim Church of Wies and the Ammer Saddle with the popular Plansee or a ride in the western Allgäu with the Königssträßchen. And, once we are back in our hotel in the centre of Füssen, we can relax with good food and some pampering.

A flying start - or building on the early season.


The Guides

Rainer – The Leader

quäldich-Guide Rainer Hartmann

His training terrain is Franconian Switzerland with its notorious ramps, but he also enjoys the long climbs in the Alps. Always talking and almost never knackered. His one big weakness: pastries.

René – The GPS Guy

quäldich-Guide Rene Blind

René has been a fixture on the Tour of Germany for years. According to his application, he speaks fluent German, English, French and Cologne dialect. Masters his Garmin better than almost anyone.

Otto – King of the dolce vita

quäldich-Guide Otto Gehrlein

Leading the relaxed group, he takes the wind with stoic calm. A typically good-humoured Palatinate native with incredible endurance.

Getting there


From Munich in approx. 2 h

From Frankfurt in 4 h

From Stuttgart 2 h

From Cologne 6 h

From Berlin 7 h

From Germany and Switzerland on the A7 or the B17 to Füssen.

From Austria also via the Fern Pass - Reutte to Füssen.

We recommend you use our internal forum to organise car-sharing.

The nearest airports are Munich and Innsbruck. There are train and bus connections from there to Füssen.

You can get to Füssen by train, changing in Augsburg or Munich and then in Buchloe.

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 29/04-1/05/2017

  • Friday, 28th April 2017
    All those who have booked the opening night travel to Füssen.
  • Saturday, 29th April 2017
    Start the first ride from Füssen at 9.30 am
  • Sunday, 30th April 2017
    Ride from Füssen
  • Monday, 1st May 2017
    Ride from Füssen. Return between 1pm and 3pm. Leave Füssen.

Find out more about the route and the stages