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This holiday is in the past. The next edition of the Ötztaler und Bergamasker Alpengiro will take place on from 7th to 14th July 2018.

Ötztaler und Bergamasker Alpengiro

– 9/07-16/07/2016

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The Guides

Jörg - The Flatlander

quäldich-Guide Joerg Lenz

Comes from the Münster area and earned his climbing spurs by riding all (!) the passes and summits in the Baumberge hills. But as his Epic Climbs name reveals, doesn't mind the less mountainous rides.

Julia – The Explorer

quäldich-Guide Julia Wiedemann

With us since 2013 - now nobody can take away her claim to be the «First female Epic Climbs guide». A particularly tough opponent in the mountains. Always on the lookout for some new lane to get away from the main roads.

Reto – The Pastry Chef

quäldich-Guide Reto Aschwanden

Artistic chess, climbing, cake baking - his range of interests seems almost infinite. But very few can get the better of him on the bike, either, this junkie of the slopes with a love of the new. Also makes the best Graubünden nut cake north of the Alps.

Daniel – The Waterboy


Daniel has been a drinks support guy on our Tour of Germany since 2013, and now makes up a Diabolical Duo with Mechanic No 1. As a Berliner, it's a point of honour for him, of course, that he also does the drinks on our Berlin-Vienna trip.

Getting there

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 9/07-16/07/2016

  • Wochentag, X. Monat 1900
    Individuelle Anreise nach Testhausen. Abendessen um 20 Uhr im Hotel.
  • Wochentag, Y. Monat 1900, 9 Uhr
    Start zur ersten Etappe
  • Wochentag, Z. Monat 1900, ca ?? Uhr
    Ankunft nach der Letzten Etappe. Duschmöglichkeit im Hotel, individuelle Abreise.

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