VERY important message
This holiday is in the past. And no other similar trip is currently scheduled. We are sure you will find a trip to suit you in our Scheduled Holidays.


23/05-28/05/2017 – Services

  • From 23rd to 28th May 2017
  • Long-distance ride from Vienna to Berlin
  • 4 guided stages
  • 5 nights incl. half-board in 3-4-star hotels
  • 104 cyclists, 4 speed groups
  • With Owl massaging!
  • 799 € in DR, 999 € in SR
  • Optional: Bus transport (Tues. or Sun.), 125 € each
  • The price of the holiday includes both accommodation in Vienna before the first stage and accommodation in Berlin after the last stage. Residents of Berlin or Vienna can deduct this from the price (Vienna: -90 euro DR, -110 euro SR, Berlin: -65 euro DR, -120 euro SR).

Terms and Conditions

Epic Climbs Travel Terms and Conditions.
The information below will give you a quick idea, but it is no substitute for reading the Terms and Conditions.

Payment terms:
When the holiday has been booked, an invoice and the travel insurance certificate will be sent. 20% of the price of the holiday should be paid when the invoice is issued, but 2 months before the holiday begins at the earliest. The remainder should be paid 14 days before the holiday begins at the latest.

Cancellation terms:
The holiday may be cancelled, free of charge, up to 8 weeks before it begins. After that, a cancellation fee will be charged. The fee will be:

Up to 8 weeks beforehand, zero,
Up to 6 weeks beforehand 20 % of the total
Up to 4 weeks beforehand 40 %
Up to 3 weeks beforehand 50 %
Up to 2 weeks beforehand 75 %
From the 13th day before the holiday begins up to 1 day beforehand 90 %
Should you not appear for the holiday or cancel on the first day 100 %.

Travel cancellation insurance:
We strongly advise that clients take out travel cancellation insurance. Should you be unable to travel due to illness, we cannot help you, since this is a risk that you can insure against.
Take out online HanseMerkur travel cancellation insurance (includes a holiday guarantee and coverage for cancellation of the holiday)
We recommend: 5-star premium protection includes coverage for holiday cancellation and interruption, illness, accidents and luggage.