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Four stages, three countries, three capitals! – 23/05-28/05/2017

Booking is closed for this travel. If you are interested to join us, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to book additional rooms for you!

From the Danube to the Spree In 2017 we can offer you an annual highlight as early as in May. Over four stages, our Grand Tour links the capitals of Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany, and takes you from Vienna via Prague and Dresden to Berlin. You can look forward to long stages, the much-vaunted flow within the bunch, endless expanses, but also the wonderful, peaceful Ore Mountains.

The best team in the world will support you with our “Everyone-Happy Service”. As well as the full board, mechanic and broom wagon, you can also enjoy a massage from cult masseur Owl. And Epic Climbs boss Jan, a dyed-in-the-wool Berliner by choice, an artist of the motivation business and a guarantee of great atmosphere, is looking forward to riding to the Brandenburg Gate with you.

Vienna - Berlin 2017. With Owl massaging!


The Guides

Jan – The Boss

quäldich-Guide Sahner Jan

Founder and CEO of Epic Climbs and, as such, on a very special mission - with his inimitable style he motivates his flock to perform great deeds in the saddle. Sometimes does great things in the evening programme, too!

Tobias – The Bolt

quäldich-Guide Tobias Heß

Tobias takes after his name - he's just about unstoppable on the flat or in the mountains. So we mostly use him as a guide to the fast group.

Robby – The Berlin Mountain Man

quäldich-Guide Robert Wittkopp

Robby is a loyal Epic Climber of the first order and, when he passed his guiding debut on the Berlin-Vienna with flying colours, he had tasted blood. With his almost-original Berlin gob and his inimitable mechanic's skills, he's a top addition to any trip.

Volker – The Problem Solver


Volker has been an ever-present on the Epic Climbs Tour of Germany since 2010. This fire-fighter is at his best when he can fully exploit his talent for improvisation, whether by warming up groups of drenched cyclists with patio heaters, erecting a makeshift tent in the support vehicle, or ..... He guarantees smooth logistics and a great atmosphere on the team.

Sergej – Mechanic No 1


Sergey has been our faithful mechanic since the 2012 Tour of Germany. Sergej's mood is always good, and he's known for his extras price list («You can just...»: 5 €) and never without a solution.

Daniel – The Waterboy


Daniel has been a drinks support guy on our Tour of Germany since 2013, and now makes up a Diabolical Duo with Mechanic No 1. As a Berliner, it's a point of honour for him, of course, that he also does the drinks on our Berlin-Vienna trip.

Getting there

Vienna and Berlin, of course, have superb transport links. Because direct Berlin-Vienna links are complicated, we offer two bus transfers:

  • Bus transfer on Tuesday, 23rd May 2017 from Berlin to Vienna
  • Bus transfer on Sunday, 28th May 2017 from Berlin to Vienna

Your bike will be transported safely and professionally. The transfer costs 125 euro (per person and bike).


The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 23/05-28/05/2017

  • Tuesday, 23rd May 2017
    Travel to Vienna For example, by organised bus transport Berlin-Vienna (not included)
    Evening meal in the hotel at 8pm. The price of the holiday includes overnight accommodation in Vienna
  • Wednesday, ,24th May, to Saturday 27th May
    Stages 1 to 4 from Vienna to Berlin
  • Saturday, 27th May, about 8pm
    Farewell evening in Berlin's TV Tower
  • Saturday, 27th May to Sunday 28th May
    The price of the holiday includes overnight accommodation in Berlin
  • Sunday 28th May
    Return home For example, by organised bus transport Berlin-Vienna (not included)

Client Reviews

Christof aus Wien (AT)

Steady group

„Berlin - Wien war sensationell! Alles super organisiert, gute Gruppeneinteilung, gute Stimmung bei Fahrern und Staff. Jederzeit wieder! Mit Liebe zum Radsport gemacht.”

Prefer steady riding? More on this...

Find out more about the route and the stages