VERY important message
This 2019 trip is under construction. All the information, text and photos will be added gradually.


25/07-4/08/2019 – Services

  1. 9 stages from Sat., 17th June to Sun., 25th June 2017 from Flensburg to Garmisch. You arrive on Fri., 16th June
  2. 10 nights accommodation. First night from Fri., 16th June to Sat., 17th June in Flensburg, last night from Sun., 25th June 2017 to Mon., 26th June in Garmisch.
  3. Includes closing party on the Zugspitze - look forward to a superb experience!
  4. Flensburg-Garmisch is a road bike trip that isn't a road race. It's NOT A RACE, but a closed group ride in 6 speed groups
  5. The entry fee will probably be 1470 euro in a DR and 1870 euro in a SR.
    The entry fee includes
    1. Participation in 9 stages - for more details see Stage services
    2. Closing party on the Zugspitze
      1. Return travel to the summit with the Zugspitze Railway (the train will remain open after hours especially for us)
      2. Hearty evening buffet at the Zugspitzplatt terminal
      3. Party to midnight
    3. 10 nights accommodation
      For the Flensburg-Garmisch you can either book a double-room or single-room package. Participation without accommodation on request.
      1. Double-room package incl. half-board: 9x double-room, 1x four-bed room in Lindau
      2. Single-room package incl. half-board: 9x single-room, 1x two-bed room in Lindau:
      The hotels we use fall into these categories: 7x 4-star, 2x 3-star, 1x youth hostel. For more details, see Accommodation details
  6. Stage services
    1. 2 guides per group, guiding using GPS
    2. Refreshments on the road: a substantial main meal at the halfway point, two drinks provided after a quarter and three-quarters of the stage.
    3. On each stage approx. 1 gel and 1 double-bar from our sponsor Dextro Energy.
    4. Broom wagon behind the bunch
    5. Mechanic's vehicle in support.
    6. Spare wheels for calliper brakes from our sponsor CITEC as available: 10 front wheels, 10 rear wheels (3x Campa 11-tooth, 4x Shimano 10-tooth, 3x Shimano 11-tooth). No spare wheels for disc brakes.
    7. Luggage transport from the start to finish points of each stage for all participants. Luggage is transferred to the hotel for participants with an accommodation package. Maximum weight 13 kg.
      Each participant is personally responsible for putting their luggage in the mesh boxes at the start and at each hotel on the tour (unless otherwise notified).
    8. Stage presentation each morning, height profile and route table handed out.
  7. Accommodation details
    The two accommodation packages (SR / DR) include these services:
    1. Half-board with substantial evening buffet (usually from 7pm)
    2. Luggage transported to hotel. Each participant is responsible for taking their luggage from the mesh box in the afternoon, and for putting it back in the mesh box in the morning.
    3. The bikes are kept in dry, locked rooms.
    4. Plenty of stocks of alcohol-free wheat beer (we usually get through 20 crates)
  8. Billing and cancellation deadlines
    1. Entry fee: The entry fee will be billed after 9.01.2017. 500 euro should then be paid immediately (this differs from our General Terms and Conditions).
      The outstanding amount should be paid 2 months before the trip begins, on 16th April 2017 (this differs from our General Terms and Conditions).
    2. We strongly advise that clients take out travel cancellation insurance. Should you be unable to travel due to illness, we cannot help you, since this is a risk that you can and should insure against.
    3. You can change your booking online yourself, free of charge.
    4. Cancellation deadlines and charges
      The holiday may be cancelled, free of charge, up to 8 weeks before it begins. After that, a cancellation fee will be charged. The fee will be:

      Up to 8 weeks beforehand, zero,
      Up to 6 weeks beforehand 20 % of the total
      Up to 4 weeks beforehand 40 %
      Up to 3 weeks beforehand 50 %
      Up to 2 weeks beforehand 75 %
      From the 13th day before the holiday begins up to 1 day beforehand 90 %
      Should you not appear for the holiday or cancel on the first day 100 %.

  9. The event is limited to 180 participants
  10. Participation is open to all. Because the first two stages are over 200 kms in length, we would like to emphasise that participation can only be recommended to those who are confident about doing flat rides of 200 kms alone. We recommend that you have suitable experience!
  11. Participation is only permitted with conventional, two-wheeled bicycles (road bike, hybrid, MTB, ...) without time trial handlebars. The tour is designed for road bikes. Electric bikes are not permitted.
  12. Six guided groups, divided up equally according to ability. We do this carefully! We wait at the top of hills, so that everyone has time for a reasonable rest! However, these breaks are kept within limits throughout the different speed groups!
    The target speeds on the flat and on hills are as follows for each group.
    Group Speed on the flat (km/h) Climbing speed (m EG/h)
    1 36 900
    2 34 800
    3 31 725
    4 31 675
    5 29 600
    6 27 500
    By speed on the flat, we mean the speed the group rides on the flat (with slipstreaming), not the average. The climbing speed refers to the number of metres climbed per hour. If you have no comparison from previous rides, find yourself a long ascent and measure how quickly you can climb (including on the last day).
    You can state which group you prefer during the registration process. As additional information, you can tell us how many kilometres you cycled in 2014 so that we can adjust your own suggestion if people's start group requests result in unequal group numbers. Please note that you are registering for the tour, not for a particular group. You will be assigned to the group we feel is most suitable for you, and we will also try to let friends ride together if they are of a similar standard.
    After consulting the guides, groups can also be changed each day and during a stage if the group is too fast or too slow. So your first group assignment is not set in stone.
  13. The 2017 Flensburg-Garmisch stages.
  14. In collaboration with the RSV Adler Goslar we award BDR points, 4 points per weekend stage, 2 points per midweek stage, so 26 points in all.

Rules for closed rides

  1. The six groups ride as a closed whole. Our brochure Rennradfahren in der Gruppe (pdf, 0.5 MB) summarises what this means and what you need to be aware of. Here is the short form of the rules, adapted to Flensburg-Garmisch:
  2. The groups are led by the organisation's guides who wear distinctive yellow armbands and who you will quickly get to know. The guides' instructions must be followed. These will be issued by calling out or by whistling, which proved ideal in 2009. And don't worry - the groups are very friendly, despite the rules. These are the signals:
    1. 1 x whistle = slow down,
    2. 2 x whistle = stop
    3. The call “Hepp” = signal after a whistle to “slow down” and the group has closed up again, that the pace can slowly be increased back to normal.
  3. After stopping at traffic lights / junctions, etc., and after bends and turning manoeuvres, the pace must always be increased very slowly (the group's harmonica effect).
  4. Turn-offs should be indicated early, by hand signals, the 2nd row remains unchanged, avoid pile-ups. Whenever stopping, take care that no other road users are held up unnecessarily.
  5. Don't throw litter away while on the road. The feed stations will have rubbish bags.
  6. In line with our motto, “quäl-dich”, we tackle a lot of ups and downs, with these guidelines:
    1. Downhill:
      Break up the closed group, cycle behind one another if possible, stay in the right-hand lane, don't overtake cars.
      • If the descent ends in a village, at a junction or roundabout: moderate your speed.
      • If it ends on the open road, ride slowly until the group is back together again.
    2. Uphill:
      Break up the closed group, cycle behind one another if possible, everyone rides at their own pace and we wait at a suitable spot (off the road) at the end of the climb.
      • The tour guide will prompt the group break-up.
  7. The tour guide will decide any exceptions.
  8. We are cycling on roads that are public, not closed. So Germany's highway code applies at all times, as do any official directions.

No event without legal requirements

You accept these conditions of participation when you register:

  1. * indicates a mandatory field
  2. You enter at your own risk. The organiser, quä GmbH, accepts no liability for damages of any type.
    We wish to particularly emphasise, in this context, the physical stresses arising from the length of the tour and the profile of the stages.
    The participant is personally responsible for adjusting his/her pace to suit the conditions on the road. Helmets must be worn. In accepting the conditions of participation, the customer is declaring that he/she is able to judge these stresses for himself/herself and is sufficiently prepared for those stresses.
  3. In the participant's own interests, we expressly encourage the participant to take out a private insurance policy which includes this cycle tour (a cycle ride which is not a race, in a group situation) or to check that his/her existing insurance policy covers this event.
  4. The customer revocably empowers quä GmbH to withdraw all the sums payable from the account indicated above. After registration, the account will immediately be debited for all the stages for which an entry place has been issued. For stages for which the person is only on the waiting list, the entry fee will only be debited when an entry place is issued. The cost of the hotel accommodation will be billed and debited about 8 weeks before the event.
    You may also register without authorising the direct debit procedure, but this is not our first choice as it results in additional work in the form of payment control. In such cases, all bills must be paid immediately after mails are sent.
  5. We shall bill the customer for any transactions that fail due to incorrect account details or lack of funds in the account.
  6. Should the relevant agencies refuse a permit for the tour, the entry fee that has been paid will be refunded in full. Should any stage or part of a stage be cancelled due to bad weather or other force majeure, we cannot refund entry fees. In such cases, neither is there any entitlement to compensation of any type.
    During the permit procedure, changes may be made to the precise stage distances and elevation gain figures.
  7. Only two-wheeled bikes (road bikes, hybrids, MTB, ...) are permitted. Other vehicles, and any which, in our opinion, are unroadworthy, will be excluded from the event. Likewise bicycles with dangerous attachments (baskets that stick out / panniers, time trial handlebars, etc...). There shall be no entitlement to any reimbursement of expenditure in any of these cases of exclusion.
  8. Instructions issued by the tour guides, or by anyone else representing the organiser, must be followed, or the participant may be excluded. There would then be no entitlement to any refund.
  9. Cycling in the group requires particular care and attention. I have read the Handout on Group Riding. If it becomes evident that a participant's reckless behaviour within the group has endangered its safety, the participant may be excluded if there is any repeat occurrence. There would then be no entitlement to any refund.
  10. The customer authorises the organiser to publish photos of participants taken during the event, in electronic form (within a report and to advertise other events) and in printed form (for newspapers and magazines and for the Epic Climbs calendar and to advertise other events).
  11. The customer consents to the storage of the data entered here. It will be use for Epic Climbs Travel's internal purposes only.

AGB der Grand Tours

Die vollständigen AGB der quaeldich-Reisen.
Die folgenden Angaben sollen euch einen schnellen Überblick geben, können aber die ausführliche Lektüre der AGB nicht ersetzen.

Nach der Buchung erfolgt Rechnungsstellung und Übermittlung des Reisesicherungsscheins. Bei unseren Grand Tours ist abweichend von unseren AGB eine Anzahlung in Höhe von 500 € direkt nach Rechnungsstellung, aber frühestens Anfang Januar des Veranstaltungsjahres fällig, die Rest-Zahlung erfolgt spätestens bis 1 Monat vor Reiseantritt.

Die Reise kann bis zu 8 Wochen vor Reiseantritt kostenfrei storniert werden. Bis dahin wird auch die o.g. Anzahlung voll zurückerstattet. Von diesem Zeitpunkt ist eine Stornogebühr fällig. Diese beträgt:

Bis 8 Wochen vorher kostenlos,
bis 6 Wochen vorher 20 % des Reisepreises
bis 4 Wochen vorher 40 %
bis 3 Woche vorher 50 %
bis 2 Woche vorher 75 %
ab dem 13. Tag vor dem Reiseantritt bis zum 1. Tag vor dem Reiseantritt 90 %
bei Nichtantritt der Reise sowie Storno am Anreisetag 100 %.

Wir raten dringend zum Abschluss einer Reiserücktrittsversicherung. Im Fall einer krankheitsbedingten Absage können wir nicht kulant sein - denn dieses Risiko kannst du absichern!
Online-Abschluss der HanseMerkur Reiserücktrittsversicherung (mit Urlaubsgarantie ist auch der Reiseabbruch mitversichert)
Unser Tipp: 5-Sterne-Premium Schutz mit Reise-Rücktritts-, Abbruchs-, Kranken-, Unfall- und Gepäck-Versicherung in einem.
Produktinformationen (pdf) als Download: Reiserücktritt 5-Sterne-Premium Schutz AGB der HanseMerkur