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One to tell the grandchildren about! – 25/07-4/08/2019

You will probably be able to book this Epic Climbs trip from 01/09/!
We shall notify you when bookings open if you wish to be added, under no obligation, to the list of possibles.
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Germany north to south. You start at the Danish border in Flensburg and arrive a week later in Garmisch at the foot of the Zugspitze. Between the two are landscapes which could scarcely be more different: the far north between the Baltic and the North Sea, the endless expanses of Lower Saxony, the empty part of German in the lower mountains, such as the High Sauerland, the Taunus and the Palatinate Forest, long climbs in the beautiful Black Forest, the holiday paradise on Lake Constance, the Alpine foothills of the Allgäu.

Between Flensburg and Garmisch you'll enjoy the "Everyone-Happy Service", a feature of our Grand Tours. A mechanic, broom wagon and full-board - with the undoubted best team in the world. And to crown things off, on the last stage we ride as a bunch to the summit of the Zugspitze, for a boisterous closing party, with Germany at our feet.



The Guides

Jan – The Boss

quäldich-Guide Sahner Jan

Founder and CEO of Epic Climbs and, as such, on a very special mission - with his inimitable style he motivates his flock to perform great deeds in the saddle. Sometimes does great things in the evening programme, too!

Getting there

Getting to Flensburg and from Garmisch, by train or by car, poses few problems. We can take your private car from Flensburg to Garmisch, making it easy for you to come and go (optional extra!).

We recommend you use our internal forum to organise car-sharing.

By hire car

The major hire car companies have branches in both Flensburg and Garmisch. So you can use hire cars to get to and from the trip.

With your private car and vehicle transfer

Car transport by professionals: Hinrichsen FahrzeugtransporteThe easiest logistical option is to use your own car. Our specialist partner Hinrichsen Fahrzeugtransporte will take your car safely from Flensburg to Garmisch.
Price: 275 €

Distances to Flensburg from...

Cologne 575 kms (GoogleMaps)
Frankfurt 660 kms (GoogleMaps)
Freiburg 920 kms (GoogleMaps)
Stuttgart 820 kms (GoogleMaps)
Munich 940 kms (GoogleMaps)
Dresden 660 kms (GoogleMaps)
Berlin 440 kms (GoogleMaps)
Hanover 320 kms (GoogleMaps)
Hamburg 165 kms (GoogleMaps)

Distances from Garmisch to...

Cologne 626 kms (GoogleMaps)
Frankfurt 473 kms (GoogleMaps)
Freiburg 361 kms (GoogleMaps)
Stuttgart 266 kms (GoogleMaps)
Munich 97 kms (GoogleMaps)
Dresden 560 kms (GoogleMaps)
Berlin 690 kms (GoogleMaps)
Hanover 713 kms (GoogleMaps)
Hamburg 860 kms (GoogleMaps)

In our experience, the Deutsche Bahn tolerates passengers taking a bike in a bike bag. Upon request (use the contact form) we can take a bike bag (not a bike box) for you from Flensburg to Garmisch.
You will be on the safe side with trains that cater for bikes (InterCity).

Trains to Flensburg

There are good InterCity connections from Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hanover and Hamburg. Citynightline provide a regular bike transport service from Freiburg and Munich (Wednesday, 1.7. to Thursday, 2.7.).
All the major cities are well connected by the ICE to Hamburg (with a bike bag and friendly smile) and directly by Regional-Express.

Trains from Garmisch

Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Cologne, Hanover and Berlin are incredibly well connected via Munich (all under 8 hours) by InterCity and many trains take bikes.
All the major cities are well connected by the ICE from Munich (with a bike bag and friendly smile).

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 25/07-4/08/2019

  • Friday, 16.6.2017
    Travel to Flensburg. Evening meal in the hotel at 8pm.
  • Saturday, 17.6.2017
    Start of the first stage (Flensburg - Bremerhaven) at 8.30am.
  • Sunday, 18.6.2017
    Second stage Bremerhaven - Bad Salzuflen
  • Monday, 19.6.2017
    Third stage Bad Salzuflen - Winterberg
  • Tuesday, 20.6.2017
    Fourth stage Winterberg - Wetzlar
  • Wednesday, 21.6.2017
    Fifth stage Wetzlar - Alzey
  • Thursday, 22.6.2017
    Sixth stage Alzey - Rastatt
  • Friday, 23.6.2017
    Seventh stage Rastatt - Donaueschingen
  • Saturday, 24.6.2017
    Eighth stage Donaueschingen - Lindau
  • Sunday, 25.6.2017
    Ninth stage Lindau - Garmisch. Arrive by 4pm. 6pm, the group takes the Zugspitze Railway to the summit of the Zugspitze. Closing party.
  • Monday, 26.6.2017

Client Reviews More...

Jürgen aus Münster

Hard group

„In der Speedgruppe geht es schnell zur Sache, aber die Lockerheit ging bei Flensburg-Garmisch nie verloren. Speziell die zwei quäldich-Guides Tom und Stefan machen den Unterschied. Erstens über alle Zweifel erhaben und zweitens mit einer sportlichen Autorität ausgestattet, die Ihresgleichen sucht. Die haben einfach Bock auf sowas.
Mein Körpergefühl ist dabei beschreiblich: Grenzerfahrungen an der Belastungsgrenze mit Ruhephasen im Windschatten. Auch der Schmerz und die Leidensfähigkeit ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil dieses Sportes. Der Schmerz veredelt die Erinnerung nach solchen Extremerfahrungen. Resümee: Glücklicher als auf dem Rad werde ich alleine nicht.”

Prefer riding hard? More on this...

Tanja aus Bad Vilbel (DE)

Relaxed group

„Flensburg-Garmisch mit war sensationell, die Orga war perfekt! Man merkt, beim quaeldich-Team ist der Kunde König. Ich habe definitiv NIX auszusetzen.

Dazu kam die super Stimmung, die netten Leute und das sensationelle Wetter.

Deshalb steht fest: 2018 Berlin-Venedig mit”

Prefer relaxed riding? More on this...

Can probably be booked from 01/09/
On the list of possibles

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