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Spring cycling in Granada

603 km / 10700 EG


A pass conquered

Pico del Veleta

Complete Route

Individual Routes

Saturday, 22.04.2017, E1: Through the Vega
55,1 km
446 EG
Etappe 1.

Sunday, 23.04.2017, E2: To the Bermejales Reservoir
99,4 km
1560 EG
Etappe 2.

Option E2a: Round the reservoir to Bermejales
108,1 km
1852 EG

Monday, 24.04.2017, E3: Sierra appetizer
62,4 km
1195 EG

Option E3a: Tough Sierra appetizer
84,2 km
1929 EG

Tuesday, 25.04.2017, E4: Towards Guadix with its cave dwellings
77,5 km
1232 EG
Etappe 4 Guadix.

Option E4a: To Guadix and the cave dwellings
120,0 km
2080 EG



Thursday, 27.04.2017, E6: Along the Sierra Huetor
81,8 km
1232 EG

Option E6a: Deep into the Sierra Huetor
118,2 km
1085 EG

Friday, 28.04.2017, E7: The southern loop
127,2 km
2260 EG

Option E7a: The southern loop to the Med
146,1 km
2681 EG
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