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This holiday is in the past. The next edition of the Französische Alpen relaxed will take place on from 21st to 28th July 2018.

Savoys Alps Relaxed

Conquer the Tour de France giants with no pressure – 29/07-5/08/2017

For years the Savoy Alps, with their Tour de France giants the Madeleine and the Galibier, have been one of Epic Climbs' most popular destinations. In 2017 we are putting on a less brutal, relaxed version of the trip. If you prefer relaxed cycling but nonetheless would like to conquer the legendary Col du Galibier, this trip is ideal for you. And if it's not enough for you? All the stages can be extended so that, for example, even couples of different capabilities can get their money's worth.

During the day you will drink in enormous alpine panoramas and you will conquer a different pass each day – but at your own pace, as we have time. And in the evenings you'll enjoy Savoyard savoir vivre in friendly company. We spend two days at the delightful Lac d'Annecy, so we can also get to know the lovely “Venice of the Alps”.

Care for a little less?


The Guides

Tom – The Sous Chef

quäldich-Guide Tom Bender

After interludes in South Baden and Savoy, Swabian Tom is now based in the border area near Aachen. But from the Savoy Alps he's taken away a passion for real mountains and genuine tartiflette. In 2016 he became Holiday Manager at Epic Climbs and he's the mastermind behind our 2017 programme!

Otto – King of the dolce vita

quäldich-Guide Otto Gehrlein

Leading the relaxed group, he takes the wind with stoic calm. A typically good-humoured Palatinate native with incredible endurance.

Denny – The Laid-Back One

quäldich-Guide Denny

A loyal client for several years, prefers to ride in the relaxed group. Finally hired as a guide for 2017. His stomping ground is the unforgiving Brandenburger Plain around Berlin.

Thomas – The Provisions Guy

quäldich-Guide Thomas Bonde

Being a real Dortmund lad and a Chamber of Commerce-certified beer ambassador, he might be waiting for you at the pass with a refreshing mountaintop beer. In 2016 Thomas made a successful début driving the support vehicle on a Pyrenean double feature, and he is always ready to hear what you want or need, and he'll do his best to get it for you.

Getting there

Our initial hotel lies to the west of Geneva in the French suburb of Annemasse.

Cars may be left free of charge all week in the hotel car park.

From Germany and Northern Europe via Basel or Zurich - Bern - Geneva. Stay on the Swiss A1 to the French border, then take the toll-free French A40 to the Annemasse exit.

From Western Europe via Paris or Luxembourg - Dijon - Bourg-en-Bresse on France's A40.

From Central or Eastern Europe you might also consider coming via Milan and the Mont Blanc tunnel. If you do, take the French A40 to the Annemasse exit.

We recommend you use our internal forum to organise car-sharing.

There are direct flights to Geneva Airport from several German airports. From the airport, take the train to Geneva station and then bus number 61 to Annemasse.

Take a long-distance train to Geneva via Zurich or Basel. There are also direct TGV trains from Paris. Take the number 61 bus from the station to Annemasse.

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 29/07-5/08/2017

  • Saturday, 29th July 2017
    Travel to Annemasse. Evening meal in the hotel at 8pm.
  • Sunday, 30th July 2017
    Start of first stage (Annemasse - Cluses) at 9am.
  • Monday, 31st July 2017
    Second stage Cluses - Albertville
  • Tuesday, 1st August 2017
    Third stage Albertville - Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne
  • Wednesday, 2nd August 2017
    Fourth stage, loop from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne

  • Thursday, 3rd August 2017
    Fifth stage Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne - Annecy
  • Friday, 4th August 2017
    Sixth stage, loop from Annecy
  • Saturday, 5th August 2017
    Seventh stage Annecy - Annemasse. Arrive there between 1pm and 3pm. Then depart (or stay another night)

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