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Tour of Montenegro

713 km / 8200 EG


5 passes cycled

Krstac, Durmitor Sedlo, Jezerski Vrh, Čekanje, Štulac sedlo

Complete Route

Individual Routes

Sunday, 3.09.2017, E1: Goodbye to Kotor
125,6 km
2004 EG

Monday, 4.09.2017, E2: Into the wild hinterland
109,1 km
1874 EG

Tuesday, 5.09.2017, E3: Through the Durmitor National Park
77,9 km
1642 EG

Wednesday, 6.09.2017, E4: The deepest gorge in Europe
90,5 km
204 EG

Thursday, 7.09.2017, E5: Adventure and solitude
112,8 km
7 EG

Friday, 8.09.2017, E6: Between Lake Scutari and the Adriatic
104,2 km
798 EG

Saturday, 9.09.2017, E7: The mighty road home
92,6 km
1678 EG
IMG 4969.