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Dolomiten 2013 - Rennradreise mit

– 31/08-7/09/2013

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The Guides

Roli – The Jackknife

quäldich-Guide Roland Wagner

The Swiss Knife from Austria. But definitely never folds on the climbs. Searches out any tarmac road over 2000 m but, being an Italophile, also enjoys checking out Liguria.

Jan – The Boss

quäldich-Guide Sahner Jan

Founder and CEO of Epic Climbs and, as such, on a very special mission - with his inimitable style he motivates his flock to perform great deeds in the saddle. Sometimes does great things in the evening programme, too!

Torsten – Guide No. 1

quäldich-Guide Torsten Kähler

One of Epic Climbs' main men, with training grounds in the Münsterland and Austria. Often, to thunderous applause, voted the best and most understanding guide, because for him the sun shines longer and the mountains are flatter...

Flo - Top Poser

quäldich-Guide Florian Santana

Drives the support vehicle when necessary, including in torrential rain, and loosens his legs up on the bike. With his language skills and stylish appearance, he's very much at home in Italy. He takes on the guide role too, now, and encourages posing within the group while on the road.

Getting there

The Itinerary

Guided Bike Tour 31/08-7/09/2013

  • Wochentag, X. Monat 1900
    Individuelle Anreise nach Testhausen. Abendessen um 20 Uhr im Hotel.
  • Wochentag, Y. Monat 1900, 9 Uhr
    Start zur ersten Etappe
  • Wochentag, Z. Monat 1900, ca ?? Uhr
    Ankunft nach der Letzten Etappe. Duschmöglichkeit im Hotel, individuelle Abreise.

Sold out
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